Italian Easter. Interview Judyta Kolada

Judyta, export specialist at Brand Distribution Group, she works witch clients from Italy. 

What I like the most about Italian holidays is the Christian tradition, visiting graves at night, the vigils and beautiful church singing. I was incredibly surprised with the tradition of giving a huge Easter chocolate eggs called uovo di pasqua. The time of family festive gathering is also different here. In Poland it is Easter breakfast, in Italy – it’s dinner. On the Easter table, however, there is certainly an Easter basket, eggs with mayonnaise and chives, delicious sausage and bread.

It is Carlo Fadda however, one of my local clients who runs the Fadda Carlo company – can tell best about the Italian Easter tradition.

Carlo Fadda: What I like most about Easter is meetings with my family, sharing the positive message carried with Christianity. Italy is a very Christian country, the holidays here are special for religious reasons. However, we must remember that our country has a long tradition of sharing moments of joy and peace with the whole family and with all friends. When it comes to cooking, lamb is both Italian and Sardinian custom. However, I do not prepare it and I do not eat it for ethical reasons – I prefer to taste fresh fish straight from the grill.

This year, Easter will be much sadder because of what is happening in the world. Unfortunately, the pandemic brings more and more deaths and causes a huge economic crisis.

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