New sales competences mean a better life. Interview Piotr Sawosz

Piotr Sawosz, Business Development Manager at Brand Distribution Iberia, who is responsible for implementation of unique training for traders in at the Brand Distribution Group.

Import and export, purchase and sale – that’s the bloodstream of the Brand Distribution Group. Without qualified salespeople, the company does not use its full potential.

Piotr Sawosz: Developing sales competences is a necessary investment in every commercial enterprise. We want to build an organization in which salespeople want to improve, see it as a real benefit, both for the company and for themselves. It seems to me that their motivation is additionally strengthened by the fact that Brand Distribution Group is a company strongly focused on results. With us, it really pays off to achieve better and better sales results. We share the profit with our traders, so the more effective someone is, the more they can gain. That is why we invest in the development of sales skills, equip our salespeople with appropriate knowledge and tools, and help them earn money.

Recently, the first group of traders in the Brand Distribution Group has been included in the Cardone University training program. Where did this choice come from?

PS: The decision to choose the Grant Cardone training program was not difficult. His book “The 10x Rule”, his publications on Instagram and YouTube prompted me to have a look at Cardone University’s offer, which is entirely devoted to sales philosophy and techniques. Already at the stage of presenting me the offer, I thought that I would like us to sell in the same way as Cardone sellers do. This is something that finally convinced me.

What are the classes like and is it difficult to find time for them?

PS: Cardone University is an excellently prepared e-learning platform. Training sessions are held online in the form of short lectures or presentations, taking no more than 10-15 minutes. Therefore, a trader can easily find time during the working day for learning, unlike in case of lengthy, sometimes several days long extended trainings. It is a program that requires systematic, everyday learning, e.g. in the form of short, several-minute-long films. This way, traders constantly improve their competences and do not feel overburdened with participation in the program. In addition, the knowledge and skills acquired on a given day can be immediately put into practice while working with clients. The program provides skills development paths on several levels as well as certification confirming achievements. There are also interesting add-ons, such as tips for solving specific problems that a salesperson may encounter in sales.

Who has been selected for the program?

PS: Currently at Brand Distribution Group we have 10 seats booked. Among the participants there are outstanding traders who speak English. The number of places is limited, so it is a great privilege to participate in the program. Those interested can still apply, and the HR department will consider the best applications.

What are the expectations against the participants?

PS: First of all, it’s about gaining the ability to show customers the value that Brand Distribution Group provides them. This training also helps you learn how to accurately read customers’ motivations and diagnose the best solutions to their problems, as value sharing is at the heart of our philosophy of building customer relationship. We know that Brand Distribution offers the best service on the market, this is our competitive advantage. The role of a salesperson is to convince our customers of this, including those who have not cooperated with us yet, and to have the satisfaction of their needs as priority.

It is also about a certain change in the attitudes and behavior of sellers, their optics. The aim of the program is, i.a. developing the “seller’s mentality”, that is, the ability to recognize customers’ problems and to show how we can help solve them. A person with this point of view will never worry about the lack of customers again. The program is designed to help traders increase their personal effectiveness and thus their self-confidence. It is to encourage them to act proactively and think outside the box about sales and achieving results.

We know that success and job satisfaction also mean a better life outside of work. That is why we believe that our employees will benefit from the acquired knowledge and skills in every aspect of life.


Palina Landziak, Export Advisor, training participant

I find the training very useful. I am at the beginning of the program, so some of the knowledge presented is already known to me, but it is worth refreshing and remembering. But already at this stage there are many exceptionally interesting solutions worth implementing. I use some of the tips right away in my daily work with clients.

Judging by the plan for the coming weeks, the training certainly includes new and extremely interesting modules. I listen to the lessons with delight. They are also not excessively time consuming. Classes are available every day, but they only last a few minutes (10-20 minutes). This means that I am constantly learning, and I have a feeling of learning intensity.

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