A good trader is an optimist. Interview Bartosz Gągoliński

Bartosz Gągoliński, Export Manager, Brand Distribution Group

You had an outstandingly good start at BDG.

It is true. I started working in July 2013 without my own customer base. I got a few inactive contacts from CRM, some inquiries from Alibaba, someone gave me a few contacts that were not handled before. In August, I already had my first big deal, and it was only getting better.

Beginner’s luck?

Maybe this was the case back then, but later the results showed that it was actually something more. Anyway, when I think about a really special moment in my work at BDG, I am recalling the transactions from the beginning of my professional career. I was most happy with my success then. When times were not that good on the market, I managed to finalize a transaction for several dozen cars with beverages of remarkably high value. It was outstanding – that one deal allowed me to hit a better target than many other experienced traders.

How did you get into trading?

I graduated in French philology, and at BDG I am responsible for the French-speaking markets (France, Belgium, French-speaking African countries) – so there is consistency here. I feel very comfortable in my role, I like doing my job and that is definitely the key to success. After my first quick successes, I was given a full-fledged trading plan.

My supervisor noticed my results and potential and offered me an individual development path. I have been implementing my own trade plan since 2021 – it is very ambitious, but manageable. As an independent trader, I have a lot of freedom, but of course also much more responsibility for my decisions.

You are the author of the publication “Natural Successes in Sales“, you have a lot of professional success on your account. What is the most important thing to achieve it?

Above all, the attitude. If you are optimistic and you see opportunities, they will appear. You must be active and like interaction with people. For example, I quickly noticed that I like talking to clients on the phone and during trade fairs. This helps a lot in building a portfolio just as much as one’s personality – customers want to buy from people who are trustworthy and communicative.

How do you unlock your potential outside of work?

I dance a lot – currently bachata, previously ballroom dancing, breakdance and hip hop. Theatre is also my passion. At the Węgierki Theater in Białystok, we present excerpts from films on stage. In the past I used to be an animator during a summer camp for children, I also wrote a book entitled “100 games and animation activities for children and teenagers“. This experience developed in me the skills of expression and communication, and it certainly helped me become a good salesman.

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